external image Area_51_satellige_image_July_03.jpgThe Mystery of Area 51
Is It True What They Say?

There are many unsolved mysteries such as black holes, Bigfoot, and UFOs (unidentified flying objects). Mostly, they are unsolved due to a lack of evidence. Some unsolved mysteries like aliens from other worlds are on movies and TV shows. People say that theyexternal image scen3.jpg can explain many of these. Scientist have been working on some of the mysteries some know but can’t tell. This project is going to tell you about one of the mysteries the world.

Weather Balloon

Area Fifty One had a UFO crash but the next day they said in the newspaper that it was just a weather balloon. Area Fifty One was just a hanger before the government bought it. Roswell (Area Fifty One) has been a secret ever since the government bought it and they turned it into an aircraft facility in the 1950s.

Just because the 200 workers are sworn to secrecy, other people have started many rumors. Workers go to an airport to fly to work in an unmarked Boeing 737so no one can just drive up to Roswell. A map that shows fuel tanks and a control tower which I think is a cover-up for the real things underground.

Big Secret

Area 51 is so secret that if surveillance cameras catch you; you will stay there with “cammo dudes” pointing guns at you until the sheriff comes to arrest you for trespassing. Area 51has been sued before but the judge couldn’t deny or approve because of secrecy. Only a few of the world have seen the inside of Roswell. People say that they have alien technology hidden deep underground, bits of wreckage brought to Colonel Blanchard for research, and chiseled -up rock by UFO crash site to stop anyone from knowing an alien space ship was there. The numbers on the planes spell the word Janet which is a private British computer network.Boeing737.jpg

People are angry because of secrecy, especially citizens of the town in Roswell. There was also a crash site by Area 51, the guy who found it got kicked out by Area 51police. Many people lost their homes because of growth of Area 51and has almost taken over the lake near it. The surrounding mine shut down because of Roswell. No one knows, even citizens that live nearby, what is going on in Roswell.


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