Atlantis; the Mystery Uncovered!

atlantis_center_statue.jpgMysteries are everywhere; underwater, in space, on land, and in the sky. Some of them are Bigfoot, Area 51, or Stonehenge. People might claim to know the answer to these mysteries. There are a lot of stories some are fake, some are true, and some we might never know the answer to. Some are more “popular” than others. Some we know more about and some we know nothing about. There will be mysteries solved, but there will never be a time when all mysteries are answered.

Atlantis is one the most obsessed over mysteries. Atlantis was first written about by Plato in his works “Timaeus” and “Critias”. Atlantis is an island created by Plato in a moral story described as a perfect city with extremely smart and wealthy people. They were good architects and engineers. Atlantis was ruled by Poseidon and his ten sons.

Poseidon got the land when the gods split up the lands between them. Atlantis cities were made out of limestone. Around the island were 3 moats created by Poseidon to keep his wife from escaping the island. The people who lived there created cities on the land between the moats. Atlantis is said to be in a lot of places but the most recent and most reasonable explanation is that it is in The Bermuda Triangle but Plato said it was “beyond the pillars of Hercules.”

Atlantians were extremely advanced. The most reasonable explanation for this is that they were visited by aliens from Venus. Plato said Atlantis was destroyed because the people became greedy and wanted to conquer the world and also because they said that whoever uses their knowledge should worship their gods. According to legend, it was destroyed with a title wave as powerful as 500-1000 atomic bombs. Other theories of Atlantis' destruction is that a comet hit the island and destroyed it. Maybe the most reasonable theory of Atlantis' destruction is that a dormant volcano built up so much pressure that it blew up causing a title wave flooding the island then the top of the volcano came down and destroyed the island. I think Atlantis isn’t real because all of the Atlantis “finds” there wasn’t any volcano near the sight.


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