Beyond The Bermuda Triangle

Unsolved Mysteries are everywhere, in space, under the sea, in hospitals, and on islands. From dragons to unexplained disappearances, the list goes on and on. Many consider these mysteries true, many consider them false. There is the scientific explanation for many of the occurrences that people say are “unsolved”. You will be informed about The Bermuda Triangle, an area in the Atlantic Ocean where unexplainable happenings take place.

Planes disappear. Fog shows up at random. Unidentified objects come out of nowhere. Compasses and other equipment start to spaz out of control. The red seaweed adds a dramatic effect. This is the Bermuda Triangle, an area in the Atlantic Ocean where odd things happen. What causes the odd happenings? Is it a force?


The Area

The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean, specifically forming a triangle from Bermuda, to Miami, Florida to San John, Puerto Rico. The Triangle, also known as The Devil’s Triangle, is 500,000 square miles. The Bermuda Triangle commonly has freak weather such as waterspouts, severe storms, and hurricanes. It is located in one of the most frequently sailed shipping lanes. The Gulf Stream’s current flows through the Bermuda Triangle. There is a natural effect on the seaweed that makes it turn red.

Disappearances and Odd Happenings

The earliest strange occurance was when Christopher Columbus’s compass went out of control but he dare not tell his superstitious crew. They also saw “strange dancing lights on the horizon” and fire in the sky. In all, there have been 1500 people, 20 planes and 50 ships recorded as missing. 28 disappearances were recorded from 1950 to 1960 alone.

Flight 19

flight_19_2.jpgOn Dec 5, 1945, US Naval training exercise referred to as Flight 19, consisting of five planes, left the air station in Florida and never were seen again. In the control tower, flight squad leader Charles Taylor’s voice came over the radio “This is an emergency. We seem to be blown off course!” Flight 19 had left earlier that morning. The weather wasn’t bad. As Taylor’s compass began to spin he scanned to horizon for any sign of the sun. If he could see the sun, he could know what direction to go to get to the air station. Taylor said “everything is wrong, strange. We can’t be sure of our direction. Even the ocean doesn’t look like it should.” The strange thing is that Flight 19 was only 200 miles from the air station. When the final known words of Charles Taylor sputtered through the radio “we are completely lost. We’re going to…” There was a long pause. That sentence never was completed to our knowledge.

USS Cyclops

The USS Cyclops was at one point in time the largest Navy ship. It took off from the West Indies in March 1918 with the destination of Norfolk, Virginia. It never turned up. The Navy sent out huge search parties. Some people thought that the heavy cargo had made the boat sink, but its route was right in the path of what some think is the Bermuda Triangle.

The Yellow Fog

It started out to be a beautiful spring day for the tug Good News. But Good News' course from Puerto Rico to Florida was right in the path of the Bermuda Triangle. All of a sudden the compasses began to spin in a clockwise motion. The Second Officer noticed right away and called Captain Henry. The second officer said, “The instruments just started going crazy! Now, the power is down on all the electrical equipment. I don’t understand… it’s like all the power is being drained away by something!”. The captain’s first thoughts were to make sure that the cargo barge was safe. He couldn’t believe what he saw as he looked outside. Earlier it was a beautiful sunny day, now there was a yellow milky haze. The captain couldn’t make out the horizon! “What is it?” asked the second officer. “Full ahead!” replied Captain Henry. The ship’s engine was at full speed, but it didn’t seem to budge. Behind the Good News was a blanket of fog that covered only the cargo barge. No one knew why. The sea was choppy. “Keep on full power.” Captain Henry commanded. It took 5 minutes for the ship to break the incredible strength of the fog. All members of the Good News came out alive, and none could explain what had happened.

Abandoned Ship

"Ship ahoy!” yelled the lookout of the ship Ellen Austin August 1881; if you looked far enough you could see a schooner in the distance. “Call Captain Gould, I think we’ve got a drifter!” Drifter meaning it was abandon or a “ghost ship”. They were on their way to Newfoundland from England. The captain could put a crew on the ship if it was a true drifter. He put together a group of people to go on the ship. He and five other men stepped on to the ship “Ahoy there?” the Captain questioned. No sign of the crew. They began navigating both ships, when all of the sudden there was a thick fog. The Ellen Austin had lost sight of the drifting ship when the fog let up they worried for a long time. When the lookout said, “Captain, ship ahead, It’s the schooner!” “Ahoy?” the crew asked. No answer. The ghost ship vanished again, this time with Captain Gould.

Possible Theories

There are many theories of how things in the Bermuda Triangle happen. One is the freak weather. Another is UFO’s or external image waterspout-%20350x500.jpgaliens abducted the objects. Lastly the creature under the sea, a giant squid.

What I Think Happened

Very odd things have occurred over the years in the Bermuda Triangle. Will another mystery happen in the future? The Bermuda Triangle mystery remains unsolved. I believe that the weather is what causes most of the mishaps, because other possibilities don’t seem logical to me such as UFO’s. Will the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” ever be found?

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