Bigfoot: The Unknown Mystery

There are several different unsolved mysteries in the world. Some people think they are real and some don’t. What do you believe? The mystery of Bigfoot, an ape-like creature, remains unsolved. Read this paper to learn about the mystery of Bigfoot-- you could be the first person to solve this mystery.

bigfoot_in_woods.jpgBackground Information
Bigfoot is a giant, ape-like creature. It stands about seven feet tall and weighs about 500 pounds. The feet of Bigfoots are usually about fifteen inches long and seven inches wide. You can probably tell where Bigfoot got its name. Many people are afraid of Bigfoots because they are so big, but they are just as curious about us as we are of them. Bigfoot is usually a harmless, curious creature. It makes soft cries like a cat to communicate with other Bigfoots. Did you know that Bigfoots have families like us? There are not only male Bigfoots but females too. Bigfoot eats plants and already killed meat. Researchers say that because there are sightings year round, Bigfoot does not hibernate like bears. Bigfoot lives in many other regions other than North America. Like in Tibet it is called the Metch-Kangmi which means "disgusting snowman."

The first written report about Bigfoot was by David Thomson in Alberta, Canada in 1811. About one hundred years afterward (in 1924), two things happened. The first thing was that Albert Ostman said he was kidnapped by a Bigfoot while he was camping in the woods by himself. Bigfoot took Ostman to where it lived. There were three more Bigfoots there. One was a female and the others were males. They watched curiously while he made a fire to warm himself. Albert later ran away when they weren’t looking.

The second event was when five men were camping by a canyon. They saw a Bigfoot so they shot it. They watched while the Bigfoot fell over the cliff. It must have had friends that were watching because when the campers were in their cabin that night a couple of large hairy beasts came and threw stones at their cabin. In the morning the terrified men went back home and told everyone. That place is now bigfoot_sight_map.jpgknown named Ape Canyon.

Even though some people say Bigfoot is true, some stories aren’t promising. Most people see foot prints but not Bigfoot itself. What does that mean you’re asking? Well, it means that not all Bigfoot sightings and foot prints are real. In fact most aren’t real according to scientists. Jimmy Chilicut is a fingerprint expert and has looked at over one hundred footprints of Bigfoot and out of that hundred only five of them are real enough to be truly his.

There was a time, June 1964-December 1970, that there were many sightings of Bigfoot. During this time a frozen body was discovered by Frank Hansen. He said it was the body of a medieval man from the ice age or a Bigfoot. Scientists and researchers were blown away by the body. The medieval man had bullet wounds in its side. Later on the Smithsonian Institute sent all of the scientists notices saying that the body was a hoax.

Also in 1967 Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin caught Bigfoot on film for the first time. They were riding their horses in the mountains of California. They saw Bigfoot. Patterson’s horse spooked and Patterson fell off, but before he did he was able to grab his camera and catch Bigfoot on tape before it strolled into the woods. Patterson and Gimlin showed the tape to scientists immediately.

I think that Bigfoot exists in the world because there is a lot of evidence that there is a Bigfoot. Some of the evidence includes Patterson’s film and Ape Canyon. I hope some day somebody will solve this mystery. Do you think Bigfoot exists?

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