Humans tend to try to figure out what we don’t understand –sometimes we’re successful solving mysteries, sometimes we aren’t. Unsolved mysteries, such as Atlantis, Area 51, Easter Island, and the Bermuda Triangle, don’t have clear and obvious answers. These mysteries baffle the minds of our most brilliant scientists and scholars.

Stonehenge.jpgStudying the Stones
Stonehenge is a giant stone monument on the Salisbury Plain in England. It is a mystery because no one knows who built it or why they built it. To give a clearer picture I’m going to describe Stonehenge. It is a standing Bronze Age megalith monument in a circular setting. Every stone at Stonehenge weighs over fifty tons. One question is how did the people get the stones to build it? I am now going to try and clear up all of those questions and explain some new informationstonehenge2.jpg.
Who built it and why?stonehenge_plan.jpg
Who built Stonehenge and why they build it is the mystery. One man thought that it was Roman invaders who built it; another said it was the British Celts who built Stonehenge. Some say it was aliens and the
ancient people thought that Merlin conjured the entire monument out of thin air. Though most people attribute the building of Stonehenge to the Druids, the Druids were a Polytheistic people who made their yearly calendar on the solar, lunar, and vegetative cycles.

Why the monument was built is also a question. There are many theories about the ways it was used. Some people say it was a hospital. There are people that say it is a memorial for lost soldiers. Other opinions include a possible use as a calendar that helped predict the seasons. Some say it could have been an altar for worshipping gods or goddesses and asking for fertility of the earth to grow their crops. Will we ever know why Stonehenge was built or what it was built for?

Wiltshire_village.jpgA Village Inside
In recent studies scientists have discovered a village inside Stonehenge that they think housed the builders of Stonehenge. In the village there were at least twenty-five huts. They think the little village was built about the same time as the pyramids. One scientist found the outline of beds and dressers. The village was thought to have over 250 cremated people inside. The village must have had at least 30 villagers.

I think that Stonehenge was an altar for worship because the villagers might have been worshiping gods and begging for a good harvest. I agree that the Druids built it for worshiping their gods and goddesses or for holding festivals of the summer and winter solstices. I have now explained all I know about Stonehenge and after reading this I hope you will be interested in finding out more about the great mystery of Stonehenge.

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