UFOS: Real or Not
Unsolved mysteries are every where. Crop circles, black holes, the Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island and The Lost City of Atlantis and UFOs are examples of some of these mysteries. Do you believe in UFOs? You can learn more about this mystery and you could possibly find the answers. We all want to know the truth about UFOs.

UFOs could be hoaxes. Psychiatrist Carl Jung says that UFOs are just "mental pictures from the mind". He said it would start out as a picture in the mind, and then project out like a movie.

ufo6.jpgUFOs most definitely could be real. Here are some stories. July 3rd, 1947 William Mac Brazel heard an ufo5.jpgexplosion at night. The next day he was riding his horse to see what caused the explosion and something shiny caught his eye. It was lightweight and unbendable so he called the Roswell authorities and they placed guards around the sight. The next day the authorities posted a newspaper article saying they found a flying saucer, but the day after that they said the saucer was only a weather balloon.

Soon after there was talk of a second sighting. In 1947, Grady Barnett said he was working in the desert and saw a large shiny disc and 5 small bodies. An army truck pulled out and told Grady to leave and not to tell anyone about this.
Lonnie Zamora, a policeman, was chasing a speeder when he saw a flame off the road. He stopped because the fire was near a bomb testing site. Lonnie was hiding behind a rock when he saw an egg craft with not one door or window, and two child-like figures. One saw Lonnie and jumped like he was surprised. Lonnie went to his car to radio in that there was an unidentified object, and when he went back to look they were gone. The craft took of right in front of him, and when it did he saw a red symbol and four dents that were left in the ground; so the police investigated that.

Rosswell Explanationufo4.jpg
Doctors at the Roswell Army Hospital were ordered on duty at short notice. They were told to cut open bodies of the dead; it was called an alien autopsy. When they were cut open a terrible smell filled the room. Many doctors were too sick to go on. There was a video of it in the 1990s; many people think it was just a hoax. Then there was a rumor that Area 51 had kept aliens and alien aircraft. New details have been added including freezing alien bodies in ice like a caveman from the ice age.

Men in Black
Another interesting aspect of UFO sightings is Men in Black. Men in Black are always dressed in black and drive black cars. Some people think Men in Black are aliens and some think they are disguised government agents. A visit from MIB will scare you enough to make you forget about any sightings you might have seen. One of thousands of MIB stories happened to Robert Richardson. He was driving and he turned the corner and there was a bright light, he tried to stop but he ran into the object and it vanished. All he found was a piece of metal. He took it a UFO specialist to identify it but the next day Men in Black showed up and told him to give him the metal back or his wife would suffer if he didn’t, but they never came back. Another Men in Black incident happened in 1976. Dr. Hopkins was investigating UFO abduction in Maine. A man dressed in a black suit and tie showed up. The man’s skin was weirdly white like he had bathed in white-out, and his lips were bright red. MIB talked to him about UFOs and then he pulled a coin out of his pocket and “neither you nor anyone else on this planet will see this coin again”. The Man in Black slowly faded away.

Do aliens look just like us? Are they real, and are they learning about our planet to take us over? Does the Air Force know more than they are telling? When are the people going to know the truth? Were the stories real or fake? I’m guessing that we will not know for a long time. Many people only believe what they see, which is good.

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